Perks of Frankfort 

Your neighborhood coffee bar.

Perks of Frankfort Coffee

Why choose us

Coffee may be the most important part of your morning. Don’t start your day with subpar coffee. Let us make you a fresh, expertly made coffee. Unlock your full potential with Perks of Frankfort high quality coffee beverages.

Best Coffee in Frankfort

Not to brag, but our coffee is on another level. Our beans are high quality roasted to perfection for a final product that will make you excited to go start the day.

Fresh Baked Goods

Pair one of our coffee beverages with a homemade baked good for a morning routine that will make ask “how are you always so happy in the morning?”. 

Local Ingredients

You get out what you put into things. That’s why we find the best local products to put in our coffee beverages.  Stop in today and taste the difference.

Fresh Ground Beans

We know how important coffee beans are to creating high-quality coffee. We find the best, fairtrade beans avalible for our coffee.

We have experience!

We have been operating Perks of Frankfort for  9 years in downtown Frankfort. We love providing people with delicious coffee & fresh, tasty baked goods.

Our passion is to provide high quality products to our customers so their mornings, whenever they start, can set the tone for a great day.

Perks of Frankfort

Customer Comments

Perks of Frankfort

F-town’s Original Coffee Shop

Besides great coffee, Perks of Frankfort offers a relaxed atmosphere perfect for catching up with friends or slowly watching Frankfort come to life in the morning. Perks of Frankfort is the go-to coffee shop in downtown Frankfort.

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